01Why M&M

We want to trade your talent for the opportunity to create a significant change and receive a network that can support you throughout your whole career.

02What can you expect

Imagine building a startup with guaranteed seed funding. Constant up-and-downs combined with almost all phases on the road to the product-market-fit. That is how it feels to be at M&M.

We are building the workplace of the future, and that especially means giving trust, responsibility, and flexibility to the people. Instead of being big in hierarchies, we offer a positive and collaborative atmosphere and straight talk. You’ll have mentors and collaborators, not commanders. To put it this way – you’ll never get bossed around. You’ll receive trust and take your own initiative.

We don’t like strict structures and processes. Instead, we iterate our core approach and adapt it to the objectives of the project. In addition to that, we embrace distributed working culture; it is not about where you work; it’s about the value you are giving to the team.

Last but not least, we like to have fun and learn new stuff. Cool team events and investing in the personal development of each team member is fundamental for us.


Values that define us.

Throughout our evolution as a company, we have continuously reflected upon decisions that shaped us in who we become. Therefore, we have converged those decisions into simple values that provide us a framework for our daily decisions and help us set goals and expectations transparently.

The following 6 core values define what's important to us at M&M:



Don’t overthink, do!


Embrace change.

Things can and will change.


First data, then perfection.

Trust data and start small.



Be nice and look on the bright side.


Soft, but no bullshit.

Communicate directly and respectfully.


Flexibility = responsibility.

Own it and take responsibility.

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