What makes us different

At M&M we are challenging the way how tech companies are being built. We know how hard it is to build a startup but we also know that many startups fail for wrong reasons and lack focus on what matters the most.

We believe in working hard and smart, empowering multidisciplinary talent focused on the right thing at the right time. We care about our people, don't tolerate bullshit and prefer walk over talk.


Building the next generation of tech companies

We enable entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or anyone with the ambition to create something meaningful with all capabilities required to build a great tech company.


Bringing disruption to the market

We want to become one of the leading platforms for (tech)-entrepreneurship in Europe and the leading Venture Studio operating in southeast Europe.

The go-to place for founders in globally underrepresented regions that want to build tech startups faster and more efficiently!

What we do

Building digital products and startups with daring founders and leading corporations.

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For founders

Join our team and build your startup from the ground up

Use our expertise, approach and network

Focus on the product-market-fit, we do the rest

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For corporates

Partner with us and experience startup speed in corporate environment

Leverage our proven greenfield approach

Focus on results instead of corporate politics

How we build companies

Build something people want!

We look for problems and inefficiencies in growing markets, create solutions, always start small, and test until we have the right product!

Once we have product-market fit, we start building the company around the product.

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Why us

Reasons to partner with us

  • Extensive experience in going from 0 to 1

  • Strong engineering and product team

  • Efficient and proven startup building approach

  • Willingness to take risks and do what it takes

  • Strong network (Talent, investors, corporates)

  • Fast execution & no BS attitude