HR Dinner: Eating Our Way to Employee Engagement

Franka Čule
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HR Dinner: Eating Our Way to Employee Engagement

We'll take our learnings on the rocks, please.

The Human Resources world can be a serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, right? This Wednesday we hosted another dinner event, but this time for HR managers from various tech companies, and let's say we brought the heat (and the hors d'oeuvres).

When Food and Fun Meet HR Professionals

There's nothing like bonding with fellow HR professionals over a shared love of good food and conversation. In the cozy and nice space of Lemon Market, we brought together a diverse group of HR experts from various Croatian tech companies and startups. With this event, we wanted to provide an opportunity for People and Culture Managers to share their thoughts and ideas, as well as to have a friendly chat and mingle over some drinks and delicious food.

So, with sweet cocktails in one hand, and mini quiches in another, we were ready to mingle.

We thought it was important to build better connections within this community, as all of us working in HR in the IT industry have similar experiences, and therefore a lot we can share with each other and provide support. - Petra Novak, P&C Manager at M&M

During the gathering, there was a multitude of different topics that were discussed, but one, in particular, stood out - performance management. Everyone had the chance to share their thoughts on the matter, discuss their personal practices, and do a mini brainstorming session on how to improve and adjust it. The consensus? You can read up on the theory as much as you want, but bouncing ideas between people who’ve been through the same thing is indispensable. Perhaps another meet is in order!

All of us work on very similar projects, for very similar people, and yet we often think we’re alone in this, or that our questions, doubts, and problems are somehow unique. It’s so refreshing to get together with a group of people who excitedly shout “Yes, exactly!” when you mention your “very specific” situation. - Hana Greta Matković, P&C Manager at M&M

Besides talking about the importance of implementing new approaches and strategies to help us continue to grow and evolve our performance management practices, we discussed the importance of consistent and regular communication with employees, setting clear expectations, and providing opportunities for feedback and input were just some of the topics discussed later on. One of the things that were highlighted was the importance of recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work and contributions to the organization. This needs open communication, transparency, and trust to foster a positive work culture.

As said, with this dinner, we wanted not only to connect HR experts but also to provide them with an opportunity to voice their thoughts and ideas on improving employee engagement and recognition programs within the organization. The guests showed their commitment to creating a positive and productive work environment, so we can safely say that our IT industry is in good hands! And now we want to show our gratitude for attending our little mingle. A big thank you to:

Ana Kolumbić Borić, Ana Spasojević, Dina Rukavina, Ivana Mišak, Klaudija Šarkanj, Marko Pelesk, Petra Valjak, Sanja Karan, Sara Petrinjak, Sara Šitum and Vedrana Kelec.

This just goes to show that a little bit of fun and flavor can go a long way in the world of HR. And who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a new adVenture? (More info coming soon)

Join us!

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