Empowering our Employees' Talent

Petra Novak
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Empowering our Employees' Talent

Empowered people who have a desire to constantly improve, grow, and make the most of their talent are our biggest value. That's why we introduced Bonus education days.

Most employers want employees who strive for more, and who are eager to learn and improve their skills. In reality, employers often do little to enable that and put unreasonable expectations on their employees. We decided to turn those expectations into opportunities and do something that will empower our employee's talent.

The workplace of the future

As the effects of the pandemic continue to disrupt workplaces worldwide, the way employees can and like to work is inevitably changing. Everyone faced challenges during the global pandemic, and so did we. But it also confirmed the importance of adaptability in creating a resilient workforce and emphasized one of our main values - embracing change.

We strive to make Mars the workplace where every member of our team can reach their full potential and make an impact on the market, so investing in the personal development of each Martian is fundamental for us.

Education budget

We took our first step towards that path and introduced an Annual Education Budget. At the beginning of each year, every Martian gets an amount spendable on the education of their choice.

The idea behind this budget is to let employees be in charge of their education and to customize it as much as they want.

The chosen education should have an impact on their knowledge and skills needed for their professional development. A course, a conference, workshop, a book - something that will make their work at M&M a bit easier and a bit more fun.

Bonus days

Giving Martians a budget they can spend on their education and improvement is fundamental for their development. But, we are also aware that their day-to-day work leaves them little time for learning and self-improvement.

That's why every Martian gets 5 free days per year for the purpose of their education.

We make sure they get that extra time so they can completely dedicate themselves to their learning and growth.

Investing in education is much more than just upskilling employees with technical skills. It’s about empowering talent and enabling their inner entrepreneur to grow. It's about creating a culture that encourages learning and innovation by enabling our team members to widen their horizons.

There are no limitations, rules, or closed paths. Everything is dependent on the actual commitment and motivation of the individual.

With that approach, Mars became the place where good and positive people constantly improve, evolve, and strive to make good things happen.

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