Insights Report: Construction & Building

Lennart Wiehe
Insights Report: Construction & Building

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The construction & building industry is coping with many challenges (such as Covid 19 operational challenges, lack of workforce, inflation, the rising costs for most essential materials, etc.) and it is expected that it will face a short-term economic downturn, in the long-term, the industry should have positive and stable growth.

Although it is one of the largest and most specialized industries, it is still heavily undigitized and offers a variety of opportunities for startup founders, venture studios, and investors.

In order to enter the market from a digital angle, viable ideas should have the following attributes:

  • High reliability as a digital tool (web- or app-based)

  • Easy understandability for market-newbies

  • Low need to collaborate with a big player to start off

On a macro level, the divisive trends are a turn for more sustainability, scarcity of essential resources (e.g. sand, wood, steel), the decentralization of the workforce (remote supervision, use of drones/robots), general digitization, and new building and material techniques.

What can you find in the Construction & Building report?

Venture Building Insights Report: Construction & Building will help you discover:

  • Market size and growth estimations

  • Market trends and innovations in the industry

  • Opportunities for digital tools

  • Success factors for digital transformation

  • Relevant innovators and recent funding in the market

Download Venture Building Insights Report: Construction & Building and discover trends, opportunities for digital tools, and recent innovators in the market.