The Ultimate Digital Marketing Starter Pack

Iva Obrovac
The Ultimate Digital Marketing Starter Pack

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Let's face it, digital marketing is a booming industry. But unless you have tons of time to spend on learning and keeping up with the latest trends, it can be hard to get started or to keep track of changes. Something new is coming up every day, tools change frequently, and googling is your best friend.

To make it a bit easier for you, we created a completely free Digital marketing starter pack with over 180 links on digital marketing resources, guides and, tools.

Who is the Digital marketing starter pack for?

If you're an intern or a junior at a startup or a company:

  • get all the tools and resources to get you started

  • save hours on discovery work

If you are an intermediate or a senior digital specialist:

  • duplicate the starter pack

  • personalize it with your content

  • create your handbook and share it with your team

What can you find in the digital marketing starter pack?

In the Digital marketing starter pack, you can find:

  • articles

  • educations & courses

  • more than 40 recommended marketing tools

    (from digital analytics, advertising, SEO to content marketing, user research and, marketing automation)

  • conferences to attend

  • awesome blogs, newsletters & podcasts

  • communities to join

All resources are categorized based on digital marketing topics:

  • fundamentals with a focus on the digital strategy

  • digital analytics

  • search engine optimization (SEO)

  • conversion rate optimization (CRO)

  • marketing automation & email marketing

  • digital advertising

  • content marketing & social media marketing

  • product marketing

  • growth marketing

  • digital marketing tools

Why should you get access to the Digital marketing starter pack?

The Digital Marketing Starter Pack is a one-stop destination for everything you need to start or grow your digital marketing capabilities. It includes curated resources that will expand the knowledge and skill set of any professional in this field.

Don't waste your time and get the Digital marketing starter pack:

  • it's completely free

  • you can duplicate the starter pack and add or change resources with your content

  • save hours upon hours on googling and discovery