Insights Report: Wholesale (Global & MENAT region)

Lennart Wiehe
Insights Report: Wholesale (Global & MENAT region)

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Today's wholesalers deal with many challenges from changing customer expectations and increased price transparency to increasing pressure on efficiency, new digital competitors, low margins, and environmental factors (such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, etc.…).

Wholesalers who want to gain a competitive advantage need to digitally transform their companies and use technology to provide optimal service to their customers and consumers.

Lack of technological experience and hesitancy from company leadership could be some of the barriers to why companies postpone the digital transformation of their business.

Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for digital tools on the market, especially in the MENAT region, which is the smallest wholesale market but with steady growth and many investment potentials.

Some of the recent trends that are changing the wholesale market are, among others:

  • use of predictive analytics and AI

  • need for user-friendly B2B commerce

  • sustainability is of increasing importance to buyers

Overall, the wholesale market requires total digital transformation to:

  • optimize inventory handling

  • supplement staff shortages with automation

  • enable (somewhat) lean operations

What can you find in the report?

In the Venture Building Insights Report: Wholesale (Global & MENAT region) discover:

  • Market size and growth estimations

  • Market trends and opportunities in the market

  • Success factors for digital transformation

  • Recent funding in global digital wholesale and relevant players in the Middle East market

Download Venture Building Insights Report: Wholesale (Global & MENAT region) and discover trends, opportunities for digital tools, and recent innovators in the market.