The Martian Circle: Connecting top freelancers with top companies

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The Martian Circle: Connecting top freelancers with top companies

Pulling back the curtain on our latest venture.

Introducing The Martian Circle

Our journey has always been a thrilling ride of building ventures – each one showcasing our dedication and innovative mindset. We’ve worked with leading corporations on more than 100 innovation projects - we've navigated challenges and celebrated numerous successes. Over the years, we also positioned ourselves to be well-known for working with top talent and connecting them to top projects and corporations in Europe. With a base full of high-quality talent and a network of high-impact corporations, we wanted to bridge the gap between them.

That’s how The Martian Circle was born.

For Freelancers: The Gateway to Premier Projects

The Martian Circle is an on-demand platform that connects top freelancers with the top 10% of European companies, enabling them to build and work on better digital products, faster and more efficiently.

The platform is open to professionals across all areas of product development, including software engineers, designers, product managers, marketing managers, data scientists, and quality assurance specialists... We maintain high standards by requiring a minimum of five years of professional experience for membership, ensuring our community consists only of top-tier professionals.

Being a part of The Martian Circle means more than just landing another gig. It’s an opportunity to work on premium projects and ensure you're part of meaningful, long-term collaborations.

Here’s a quick rundown for freelancers:

  • Access to top projects: As a member, you'll collaborate with Europe's leading companies on exclusive projects that are not available to freelancers outside the Circle.

  • Long-term collaboration: The projects you engage with have a minimum duration of three months. There are no risky startups, or unproven experimental ventures, only top projects.

  • Collaborate with seniors only: Our platform gathers the best experts across various domains, making sure you work with senior-level freelancers only.

  • No administrative hassle: We handle all administrative burdens and project management hassles.

  • Same time zone: Experience the benefits of working in a synchronized time zone. This means instant interactions, quicker feedback loops, and a smoother project flow,


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An ecosystem bridging talent with opportunity

While our primary spotlight is directed at empowering freelancers, The Martian Circle's vision extends beyond individual talent.

Our platform serves not just freelancers but also the companies that drive Europe’s economy forward.

We’re setting the stage for a future where corporations too can leverage the capabilities of The Martian Circle, representing a strategic pivot toward facilitating corporate innovation and execution with speed and efficiency. Our goal is to empower corporations to quickly form specialized teams that align precisely with their project goals and visions. With a hands-on role, we take charge, oversee quality assurance, and guarantee the performance of our A-class teams.

We will be revealing more details soon, but the mission remains: creating a holistic ecosystem where innovation and expertise unite.

We are excited about the journey ahead.