The Launch of Our New Monthly Newsletter

Franka Čule
2 min read
The Launch of Our New Monthly Newsletter

We like to say that we are building the workplace of the future - but most of you are probably wondering what does that exactly mean? What are the processes and people behind that?

We are aware that there are some unanswered questions and unclear segments about the start-up and venture world. So, (besides bug fixes) we are here to fix that. As previously mentioned, one of the reasons we decided to send out monthly newsletters is to introduce you to the venture world and keep you informed about various topics from the start-up community. Apart from that, we want you to get to know our work and business model. We want to introduce you to the projects that we are working on and the Martians behind them.

We will share ideas that inspire us and provide content that can bring benefit to your business.

We will also take you through the journey of building and launching a full-fledged digital product.

As you will get to know us, you will also get to know various partners and clients we have worked with the past few years, and what we have built.

Our goal is to create content that will be a valuable addition to your inbox, so if you didn’t get the chance, you can subscribe today. We know time is precious, so we designed it to be the optimal amount of relevant content that will keep you in the loop with the internal and external venture and start-up news.

Last, but not least - we would love to hear your feedback. So, don’t be surprised if sometimes you see a little survey at the end. Happy reading!

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