Team building: Our Istrian adventure

Franka Čule
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Team building: Our Istrian adventure

Our three-day team building had it all - amazing people, adventures, sea, sun, and fun.

During the pandemic, we adopted the remote first policy which meant we didn't get to see much of each other. With this little getaway to Istria, we made up for lost time and refilled our batteries for future challenges ahead of us. So, without any further ado - buckle up, because we are going on an adventure.


Sun is shining, the sky is clear, and a breeze of adventure in the air. Road trip time! Bags packed, COVID passes here, goodie bags ready, speakers paired, our spirits up, we were ready to blast off.

After our 3-hour karaoke ride, we reached our destination - Rabac. We filled our bellies with delicious food, so now it was time to fill our cups and head to the All Hands meeting. A recap of the year with the presentation of our future goals, challenges, and exciting new plans and projects. The excitement continued as we moved to the open bar and toasted to the future. Drinks, mingle, improvised karaoke, laughs, and storytelling under the start night sky. Very romantic.


Adventure day!

But, first breakfast with an amazing view of the beautiful Adriatic sea. Some couldn't resist, so they dived into the pretty (chilly) sea. Wakes you up better than coffee.

The morning was reserved for a team workshop after which it was into the wild! A two-hour quad and buggy ride through the beautiful Istria landscape boosted our adrenaline and adventurous spirit. Our spirits were also hungry, but luckily we got that covered - a little family winery welcomed us with delicious local food accompanied with wine tasting. And some rakija. A quick disco nap in the bus and it was party time.


Three words for day three - it was chill. Our last day was reserved for chilling on the beach, enjoying the sun, and hanging out.

We all work together on building successful businesses, but these 3 days we worked on bringing us closer together as a team. And the mission was successful because we felt our positivity and productivity rising.

A huge thank you to our amazing P&C Petra for setting it all up in these challenging times.

Join us!

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